Sunday, 10 July 2011

the homecoming

Back in Cape Town after quite a few years away means that we have come home, but our perspectives have changed; evolved, really. I met our first 'homeschooling' family just before we got on a plane to Scotland. There really is only one word to describe them: peaceful. Their young son, who had been HE'd from birth, is just the most amazing young boy; and what stood out for me was that he could communicate easily and confidently with adults as well as the young'uns.
When 'invited' to send my nearly four year old, at the time, to school last year, I was amazed and stunned at the general perception that wee ones should be dumped at school for half the day from as early as four years old. And once I started looking into what our options and rights are, it was an easy decision: afterall, we've been 'homeschooling' since birth!

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