Saturday, 13 August 2011

family time

We’ve taken some time out to just be with family. With visitors from Australia and a great-granny to share our days with, we were more focused on family the past four weeks than anything else.

And now, as life returns to a more routine pattern, we spend our days crafting and creating as we discover an alphabet that we’ve been playing with for some time now.

Our alphabet tree project has a trunk! A very brown, very bare trunk…with branches, and stands tall awaiting the arrival of some leaves. Weekends are family-focused, which really just means that we have no real plans other than any made with family members. Sunday is lunch at granny’s place: and all the cousins will be there. This opportunity to gather and chat and share happens often in our family, which always give me a great sense of belonging (even when some of my ideas make me the one out).

So I’m off to get the bean salad ready for the family lunch, and make rotis and curry for our dinner, while the boys play knights and transformers(!?!) and this came out of playing lego for what must have been hours!! Big Daddy fell asleep to scenes from “The Living Planet”… and I caught up on some much desired blog-reading (my books are for ‘quiet time’, i.e. when everyone else is in bed). Too cold to do much else, I’m afraid.

This day has been the coldest in all of winter (according to my internal thermometer, anyway). Warm baths and hot chocolate are so on the menu!