Monday, 11 July 2011

A bientot, Poisson Rouge

The UK was great for internet access; and certainly a lot cheaper. This meant that we could spend ages on the net playing games on Poisson Rouge and Starfall. Now most home educating families know that when I say we were “playing games” it’s code for “ we were learning all the time and in a fun and entertaining way”! Have a look-see and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The boys loved those sites, and because we don’t get ‘unlimited’ internet access now it means that we have had to find alternatives. There are some days, though, that we do visit those sites, but not nearly as frequently as we did in Scotland. We learnt to sing “Frere Jacques” , match tricky geometric shapes, and so much more.
So, I’ve had to come up with alternatives. BigDaddy was an inspiration for developing new made-by-us games that we can play on the pc. They look like games, but are really just about moving the cursor…that’s how we’re discovering the alphabet.

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